Woodland Community Trails


The trail head is located near the back of the Woodland Community School along the edge of the wooded area on the right and can be accessed directly from the school parking lot. The Woodland Community School is located at 844 Woodland Center Road, Woodland of Aroostook County. Many historic buildings and churches in Woodland make it a nice place to spend some extra time.


The ski trail is for both classical and freestyle skiing. It has one set track. Trails are for beginner and intermediate skiers. Most of the trail is in a wooded area. Dogs are welcome as long as they are under the owners control, and owners are expected to clean up after their animals. From the trail head you enter the "Woodchuck Alley" section and pass through nicely wooded areas as the trail gradually climbs approximately 15 meters into the more difficult, aptly named "Screaming Woodchuck". This section is for more advanced skiers and has an overall climb of approximately 40 meters. Skiers often see various game animals from grouse and rabbit on up to white tailed deer and moose. These trails offer an excellent opportunity for both novice and advanced skiers and hikers. During warmer months, the trails are nicely maintained and, as during the winter months, provide excellent opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors.

Maine Water Sports Center
552 Main Street


Photo Courtesy: Aroostook Outdoors
A Woodchuck Crossroads
Photo Courtesy: Aroostook Outdoors
Photo Courtesy: Aroostook Outdoors
Welcome to Woodland Community Trails Sign
Photo Courtesy: Aroostook Outdoors
Photo Courtesy: Aroostook Outdoors
Starting from the Trailhead
Photo Courtesy: Aroostook Outdoors