Aroostook Cup Outdoor Series


The Aroostook Cup Ski Carnival Series is sponsored by the Maine Winter Sports Center.  MWSC graciously provides league awards, event assistance, and score tabulation throughout the season.  A MWSC staff member serves as administrator and final arbiter.


Each ski race and snowshoe event will have its own awards handed out on the day of the event.  Aroostook Cup points will be scored for ski races only and totaled cumulatively throughout the season.  Scoring is as follows:

  • One point for overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in men's and women's divisions
  • One point for winner in each age division
  • One point for participation in race or tour

* Skier must complete the race or not finish due to physical problem, equipment failure, or weather call.


Skiers of any age can ski in an Aroostook Cup event, but must be 14 or older to score points. Point scoring age groups are: 14-15, 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+. Age group is determined on the date of the event, for year-long age group points calculations, the AC administrator will use the most fair method possible to handle unique situations.

Skiers under the age of 14 will participate in the youth series.  Age divisions and average event distances for this series are as follows (consistent with NENSA Bill Koch League):

Lollipopper:      0-5 yrs old       pre-k to k          ½ km

Junior 6/J6:      6-7 yrs old        Grades 1&2     1 km

Junior 5 /J5:     8-9 yrs old        Grades 3 & 4    2 km

Junior 4 /J4:    10-11 yrs old    Grades 5 & 6    3 km

Junior 3 /J3:    12-13 yrs old    Grades 7 & 8    4 km


Ski clubs are encouraged to gather members for participation toward an overall club score. Club affiliation should be stated at race registration for this consideration. Skiers may change clubs during the season, but points earned for one club stay with that club, and skiers should not experience more than 1 change throughout the season. The intent of this series is to build team spirit and friendly competition. Non-Aroostook County residents may race as guests or donate their points to a local club if they have an affiliation with a particular club.


Ties will be broken by greatest participation – the win going to individuals with the most starts, followed by clubs with the most starts.


Freestyle races can include both classic and skate techniques but the fastest skier wins. Classic races honor the original sport (i.e. no glide during herringbone and no skating!).


Errors and inaccuracies regarding Aroostook Cup points may be reported to Mike Smith at, but corrections need to be made within one week of the last race. 


Race organizers make the decision on whether or not a race is to be held or cancelled. The general guideline is that the race will be fun and safe, ie... snow coverage and temperature. TEMPERATURE ---- A good rule for temperature borrowed from FIS and IBU races is 0 degrees F or -4 degrees F wind chill and warmer. No Youth events should be held below these temperatures. Adult races have been held in pretty extreme temperatures and have been successful and fun, so long as the participants are in agreement.


The league awards are handed out at the annual ski community celebration, hosted by MWSC and participating ski clubs.  For details on the date, time and location of this event please stay tuned to this site.