About Us

Welcome to Aroostook Outdoors - We represent a variety of groups from around Northern Maine dedicated to building the community of active, outdoors-people.

This website is a joint project designed to give you the resources necessary to explore our incredible piece of Maine. Learn about the opportunities available to you through our Activities link, find an incredible outdoors place to explore in our Trails section, connect with other recreationalists through our Forums, and stay informed on the wide array of events taking place through our Calendar.

Our Mission - Fostering healthy, active, non-motorized, outdoor recreational opportunities in Aroostook County, through the sharing of information and experience.

"Bring people together. Keep people informed. Help people get outside."

Our steering committee is made up of individuals from around Aroostook County, all with a vested interest in seeing the active, outdoor culture of Northern Maine grow.  For more information, or to share comments, questions, and feedback contact the Aroostook Outdoors Steering Committee here.

The Aroostook Outdoors project is a joint effort shared by the following organizations:

Trails portions of this project funded by the National Science Foundation EPSCoR and Quimby Family Foundation grants awarded to the University of Maine at Presque Isle's GIS laboratory to support the completion of trail mapping and an interactive web-based mapping interface.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this project please contact our steering committee here.  There is always a need for active volunteers interested in promoting outdoor recreation in our beautiful Aroostook County!